Refrigerators have came along way over the years and the counter depth refrigerator is another example of technology taking it to the next level.  You can easily get overwhelmed with all the refrigerators on the market today.

Our job is to ensure you have a better understanding of the counter depth refrigerator and how you can benefit from this type of refrigerator over the standard run of the mill fridge. A counter depth refrigerator can open up your kitchen without sacrificing functionality and style.

To sum it up best, a counter depth refrigerator will enable you to match your counter tops to your fridge without having to modify the actual counter top.  The standard kitchen counters that are being made in homes today are roughly 24” deep.  This is a huge problem because the standard refrigerators being built are 28”- 35” deep.

Other option would be:

  • Make a recesses into the wall behind the fridge to take up the additional 6”- 8”.  This is a very expensive option, but a viable one nonetheless.
  • Have the counters remodeled to match the depth of your current refrigerator.  Again, another very expensive option
  • Of course you could always just buy the bigger refrigerator and deal with it protruding past the counters, but this will be an eye sore and you could also run the risk of running into the fridge.  I already stub my toe on enough appliances, I don’t need the refrigerator to be another one.

So just short of remodeling your whole kitchen with larger counters you are able to purchase a counter depth refrigerator that is in the range of 24” – 26”.

Now you are probably thinking, I must have to lose some cooling space in order for me to be getting this snug fit, but that’s not totally true.  Now I will say this refrigerator is in no means as small as a dorm refrigerator, under the counter refrigerator or the apartment refrigerator.  It’s standard height  but you will lose storage in width. Overall you should not notice to much storage loss to make difference.

Price will differ from the brand of counter depth refrigerator you choose.  Options are also a major factor in price.  You can get every option on a counter depth refrigerator that you would see on a standard fridge. Some of the more popular options such as an ice maker, adjustable shelves, water dispenser and French doors will be up to you. I personally own a counter depth refrigerator with French doors and love this style.  If you are tight on a budget than these options more than likely will not be included.  Also, if you decide on the counter depth refrigerator with icemaker and water you will need to make sure you run a water line with an in-line filter in order for these options to work.  If you plan this water line in your remodel it will be less headaches after you have already completed the job.

In preference of brand you can see many of the counter depth refrigerator reviews that are all over the internet.  Brands like Kitchen aid, Kenmore, Amana and LG are all very solid brands.  I do recommend going with a one of these name brand counter depth refrigerators due to the quality factor.  Some of the low end fridges just can’t keep up with the big boys because being limited on resources.

He is a quick tip on refinishing your refrigerator easily and more so very cheap. If you are tired of the way your refrigerator looks or just trying to revamp your kitchen than you might want to take a look a company called Fridge Fronts. They make a simple magnetic outer shell that you can cut to fit your refrigerator within minutes. For around $130 you can turn your older style counter depth fridge into a new age modern refrigerator.

Fridge Fronts offers many styles and colors so the possibilities are endless when comes to design. They are currently in the process of revamping their website where you will be able to send in a custom picture such as your dog, family or whatever else you like. Then in return they will process that picture on to a magnetic sheet that you will be able to stick to your refrigerator. Best of all that is when your done with that look you can revert back to the standard fridge with very little effort, just peel the magnetic shell off and your back to original. This is perfect for renters or people that are trying to refinish without wanting to sand and paint your current refrigerator.

Just goes to show that you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg trying to refinish your kitchen. Take that old counter depth refrigerator to a whole new level with Fridge Fronts.

Their website is

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